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ResoCoat™ TS-962 - Polyester Thermoset

Mandrel bend, forward/reverse impact tests

ResoCoat™ TS-962 is Polyester Thermal Spray applied Powder Coating finish that achieves full cure as applied without the need for any post-coating oven cure cycle. This powder coating material is specially formulated for use with the Resodyn family of Polymer Thermal Spray (PTS) systems to allow for portable powder coating of substrate surfaces in-place and virtually anywhere.

ResoCoat™ TS-962 Polyester is a hard, highly flexible coating formulated for superior adhesion to the substrate. It provides outstanding resistance to ultra-violet light, gloss/color/fade, harsh chemicals, corrosion, impact, and other physical damage. The coating is ready for immediate use following application.

ResoCoat™ TS-962 coating material may be applied directly to properly prepared steel and aluminum surfaces. Damaged coating may be repaired with the same material and PTS application process in-place without the need to remove the coated object from service.

ResoCoat™ TS-962 – Polyester Thermoset Technical Information