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ResoCoat™ 301 Polyethylene Copolymer

ResoCoat™ 301 Thermoplastic Surface Coating is a zero VOC thermal spray applied polymeric coating finish that is engineered to flow out quickly into a complete, pinhole free polymer surface. The coating is formulated for superior adhesion to the substrate, and provides outstanding resistance to ultra-violet light, color fade, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and corrosion, erosion and other physical damage. The coating is ready for immediate use following application. ResoCoat™ 301 Surface Coating materials may be applied directly to properly prepared steel, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces. Concrete and other cementitious surfaces must be prepared for PTS coating with the application of ResoSeal 800 Concrete Sealer and ResoSeal 805 Tie-Coat to prevent the formation of pinholes and other defects due to outgassing of air and moisture from the concrete. ResoSeal 800 is specifically formulated to provide a non-permeable barrier, even at the elevated temperatures of the thermal spray process, and yield a pinhole free topcoat surface.

ResoCoat™ 301 Polyethylene Copolymer Technical Information