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PTS-5 - Polymer Thermal Spray System

The PTS-5 utilizes an all electric heat source and on-board air supply to create the heated processing air stream.  This coating system is capable of delivering a range of power settings up to 5kW of thermal energy.  As a small to medium output system it will quickly and efficiently deposit all ResoCoat™ materials to form beautiful coatings that retain all their engineered properties necessary to provide a long service life .

The system is completely portable, requiring only a 230 Volt, single-phase power supply, and a small compressed air supply.  The PTS-5 can also be adapted to machine or robotic control spray applications in manufacturing production environments.  The PTS-5 may be used for all work environments, but is also very suitable for enclosed space work.

PTS-5 – Polymer Thermal Spray System Technical Information