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Resodyn Engineered Polymeric Systems specializes in making engineered coatings for unlimited applications. Resodyn’s Polymer Thermal Spray (PTS) technology allows these coatings to then be applied anywhere that they are needed. 
All of our custom coatings are made specifically for their own unique applications. Resodyn uses a state-of-the art salt-spray chamber for salt spray and humidity-testing. These types of tests meet the requirements for ASTM and MIL SPEC. Our custom coatings go through a multitude of tests, from abrasion and adhesion testing, to direct and reverse impact testing, and everything else in between. This ensures that only the strongest coatings are delivered.

 Please visit Resodyn’s corporate page to learn more about our company or our Acoustic Mixing technology. For more information about Pool Coating Systems, please click here.


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Resodyn Engineered Polymeric Systems

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