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Certified ResoCoat™ Installers

Certified ResoCoat™ Installers – Mobile coating Unit

Many manufacturing and facilities maintenance organizations routinely send out components for powder coating each and every day. As a Certified ResoCoat™ Installer, you can take powder coating directly to your customers with a totally self-contained, mobile applications system. Create beautiful, long-lasting powder coatings virtually anywhere and on virtually any surface. Large components or structures are no longer eliminated from receiving the superior benefits of a powder coat finish with the Resodyn family of totally portable PTS equipment systems, and cure-in-place powder coating materials.

With a mobile powder coating operation, you can be the provider of powder coatings of the highest quality for new manufacturing, repair and overhaul, and facilities maintenance operations. Apply new coatings, and also repair and touch-up damaged coatings without the need for your customer to remove the part from service or completely strip the original coating. Provide your customers with a total coating solution that saves them time and money.

Certified ResoCoat™ Installers – Powder Coating shop

With a Resodyn portable powder coating system and cure-in-place coating powders, you will never again have to turn away work due to size limitations, moving and/or handling restrictions, or substrate surface type. You can now expand your coating operations beyond the coating line and oven to coat large components or even structures in your shop or on the job site. Coat parts in their installed location, without the need to remove from service. And, for the first time, you can repair and touch-up powder coatings with the same powder coating materials.

Expand your capacity and grow your business without the large capital investment of another complete coating line. Take your business mobile and create beautiful, long-lasting powder coatings virtually anywhere and on virtually any surface. Explore the possibilities and discover how a Resodyn PTS solution can assist you in taking your company to the next level.

Pool & Spa Finishing Systems

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