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Swimming Pools and Spas

ResoCoat™ pool and spa coating is the complete coating solution for all pools and spas. Ideal for new construction, or remodel plaster and fiberglass surfaces. ResoCoat™ also works fabulously on concrete and fiberglass waterslides.

ResoCoat™ Pool and Spa Coating

ResoCoat™ pool and spa coating is a durable, environmentally friendly, zero-VOC, easily repairable polymer thermal spray coating. ResoCoat™ completely seals the pool’s original surface from chemicals, calcium leaching, and staining.

ResoCoat™ eliminates all of the issues associated with plaster surfaces, and completely covers existing surface imperfections such as craze and spider cracks, mottling, and discoloration. ResoCoat™ is the ideal solution for refurbishing existing pools or an outstanding surface choice for new installations.